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Commission-"Transformations de phases"




Président : Christophe Sigli (Constellium CRV).


Bureau de la Commission

Benoit Appolaire (ONERA - LEM), benoit.appolaire@onera.fr

Cyril Cayron (CEA-Grenoble, DRT/LITEN), cyril.cayron@cea.fr

Joël Douin (CEMES), douin@cemes.fr

Alphonse Finel (ONERA - LEM), alphonse.finel@onera.fr

Elisabeth Gautier (IJL, Ecole des Mines de Nancy), elisabeth.gautier@mines.inpl-nancy.fr

Christophe Sigli (Constellium CRV), christophe.sigli@constellium.com.


Commission-"Transformations de phases"


Une Commission anime une communauté de membres


Téléchargez les transparents présentés lors de la réunion des Présidents de Commission Thématique le 10 juin 2015 : Commission Transformation de phases.


Téléchargez le rapport d’activité 2013 de la commission SF2M/MECAMAT "Transformation de phases".




Annonce 2015 

28 juin-
3 juillet 2015
PTM 2015, Phase Transformation conference: Solid-Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials
http://www.PTM2015.org; ; Abstracts Due: November 1, 2014
Whistler, BC,


PTM 2015 seeks to provide the premier forum for presentations and discussions of current interest, advances and significance in the research area of Solid-Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials. PTM 2015 continues the phase transformation (PTM) conference series that started with the first conference in 1981 in Pittsburgh followed by the conferences in 1987 in Cambridge, 1994 in Nemacolin Woodlands, 1999 in Kyoto, 2005 in Phoenix and most recently in 2010 in Avignon.


1)  Diffusional transformations including nucleation, growth, coarsening, precipitation, spinodal decomposition, interphase migration, austenite-ferrite transformation, order-disorder transformations, elasticity

2)  Displacive transformations including martensitic transformations and shape memory alloys

3)  Advances in experimental techniques including scattering and diffraction techniques, atom probe, high-resolution electron microscopy and laser ultrasonics

4)  Advances in modelling and simulation including atomistic simulations, phase field and other meso-scale simulations, multi-scale modelling, fundamentals of structures, thermodynamics and diffusion

5)  Industrial applications including phase transformations in advanced steels, thermo-mechanical processing, welding and nuclear materials

6)  Emerging areas including phase transitions in interfaces, amorphous alloys/quasicrystals, nanomaterials and materials for sustainable energy


Abstracts of less than 150 words are to be submitted by November 1, 2014 indicating the subject area, presenting author, the preference of oral vs poster presentation and whether or not the contribution is eligible for the Aaronson student award competition.

Réunion FEMS 2013

Une réunion organisée par la FEMS (http://www.fems.org/index.php/newsletter-archiv/items/fems-newsletter-3-2013.html) a eu lieu le 18 Novembre 2013 à Paris sur le thème de la modélisation et de la caractérisation de la précipitation structurale dans les produits métalliques innovants

A cette occasion, plusieurs experts européens  universitaires et industriels ont synthétisé les grands axes de recherche de ce thème sous la forme d’un livre blanc fourni à EUMAT (European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies) et qui constitue une donnée d’entrée pour le Programme Européen Horizon 2020.

Téléchargez la communication : Contribution to the FEMS meeting on "Precipitation Hardening" prepared by the SF2M-MECAMAT "Phase transformation" working group Steering Committee.



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