Objectives and organisation of the workshop

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This short Workshop based on the concepts developed in the Gordon Presentations of combining clear overviews of a topic and lively and challenging debate is organised by SF2M on the topic of “Mapping the Future of Materials Science”. It is important to attempt to map the Future of Materials Science from both a pedagogical viewpoint and from the viewpoint of developing clear synthesis of how the various crucial aspects of materials science are related.


The objectives of this workshop are to explore first new aspects of the traditional strength of Materials Science namely linking modelling and new experimental methods and then examine the important development of combined structural and functional materials. The last part of the workshop with be devoted to considering the impact of new manufacturing methods and recycling in the context of developing more sustainable industries in the future.


The workshop is based on invited 30 minutes presentations, with large open discussions and poster sessions devoted to student’s work in progress. In order to encourage in depth discussion and to allow for student participation, the program has periods for open discussion. Reduced fees are proposed to PhD students who present their work on posters. The best 3 student posters will be awarded prizes.


The evolution of materials science and its spreading through education owe much to the works of Professor Michael F. Ashby, to whom this workshop is dedicated, and who will  open the workshop by a Keynote Lecture.


The organizing committee

J. David Embury, Yves Bréchet,  Jean-Marc Chaix, Jean-Hubert Schmitt