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GRANTA DESIGN : our mission is to lead materials information technology—to advance materials engineering and education, and to enable better, greener, safer products.



The Centre of Excellence of Multifunctional Architectured Materials (CEMAM) is devoted to the design, creation, and the fundamental understanding of new multifunctional materials and improved performances that will underlie the technologies of the future.


Labex ∑-lim

The Laboratory of Excellence, Labex ∑-lim : Materials and specific ceramic components to integrated, secure and intelligent communicating systems.


The Laboratory of Excellence ‘DAMAS’ (Design of Alloy Metals for low-mAss Structures): metallurgists of two laboratories LEM3 (Laboratory of Microstructure Studies and Mechanics of Materials, Metz) and IJL (Jean Lamour Institute, Nancy).



CEA : CEA is a French government-funded technological research organisation. A prominent player in the European Research Area, it is involved in setting up collaborative projects with many partners around the world.



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