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Mapping the Future of Materials Science (MFMS)


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A special workshop organised by SF2M, was held on September 7th, 8th and 9th 2015 in Sèvres (near Paris).


In the past 60 years the subject of Materials Science has undergone a profound and rapid evolution .The basic concepts of traditional Metallurgy which encompassed the extraction of Metals from minerals and the utilisation and understanding of their properties as useful engineering materials have been quantified and broadened to an astonishing degree. Materials Science now includes a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic materials in which the structural  and functional properties can be controlled and related directly to the needs of engineering design. In addition Materials Science contributes to the important socio-technological issues of Sustainability and Recyclability.


An important aspect of the evolution of Materials Science has been the development of data bases for both materials and processes which help in the optimal design of components and more recently the design of new materials and material architectures. The optimisation of Material Selection and guided design of materials owes much to the concept of maps developed by Professor M.F.Ashby.


It is important from both a pedagogical viewpoint and from the viewpoint of developing clear synthesis of how the various crucial aspects of materials science are related to attempt to map the Future of Materials Science.


A short Workshop based on the concepts developed in the Gordon Conferences of combining clear overviews of a topic and lively and challenging debate is an ideal format. Thus SF2M has organised this short Workshop on the topic of “Mapping the Future of Materials Science” which included such topics as:


The meeting started with an invited lecture by Professor Ashby.


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