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Since it opened in 1987, The Futuroscope Park has received almost 30 million visitors, making it the second largest attractions park in France. There are over 20 theme-based attraction areas spread across 60 hectares and a combined hotel capacity of 1,500 rooms throughout the Futuroscope site.


Futuroscope Technology Park is a 200- hectare technology complex a unique site of outstanding regional development, a centre of work and learning for 15,000 employees and researchers combining training centres, laboratories, over 160 businesses, an international convention centre.





The Conference Centre, set up on-site in the technological complex, offers:

A large amphitheater (1150)

A medium amphitheater (300 seats)

A small amphitheater (150 seats)

An exhibition space of up to 2,200 square meters

17 meeting rooms

A catering area.