SF2M registration

New Members


In order to become SF2M member, please fill in the attached registration form, (pdf) or as RTF form,  and return it with your payment to:

Société Française de Métallurgie et de Matériaux (SF2M)

28 rue Saint Dominique

75007 Paris



Registration fees

Full members 120€
Retired members  60€
Junior Member (less than 35 years old at January 1st of the year) )  45€
Undergraduate or Graduate student (please join copy of card)  20€


When returning your registration form, it would welp us serving you better if you could fill in:


Reduced rates - Publications

Additional fee for "ASM international" e-membership       30 €
AEM (Advanced Engineering Materials), electronic version 120 €
IJMR (International Journal of Materials Research) 575 €
Matériaux et Techniques electronic version  45 €
Metallurgial Research & Technology 65 €
Combined M&T + MRT, electronic version 100 €


SF2M Members

Please fill in the attached subscription form (pdf) or as RTF form and return it with your payment to SF2M secretariat, at the above address.



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